E-Fan Series


E-Fan series is glasses-free 3D hologram LED screen. It works like a LED fan. It could display videos, images and text with 3D effect. It is the perfect item for shopping mall advertising, retail store advertising, stage backdrop, etc.


3D LED Display


The display content could be managed by SD card or wifi. And with wifi function, you could also manage the display content remotely.


 As you could see the screen creates glasses-free 3D viewing effect which is very attractive. When we see the screen with our eyes(not through the camera), the rotational LED blade will be invisible. So the display effect will really be amazing. It is the most creative product for advertising or stage design.



Display Diameter

Upload Content

Content Format


Input Voltage

Waterproof Level

Viewing Angle

Life Span

  • 3D Hologram LED Display


    SD card or wifi

    MP4, AVI, Rmvb, GIF


    AC 100V~240V


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